“We've always believed in forward thinking and doing things out of the box.”


To ignite, enhance, and nurture the appreciation of literature in our community.

To that end, High Point Literary League sponsors two annual events featuring nationally renowned authors for its 450 members. In 1987, the Literary League established the High Point Literary League Scholarship, awarded yearly to a High Point University student. Since 1990, we have awarded 39 scholarships to students who excel in creative writing and literary areas of study.

The League also collaborated with Communities in Schools to collect books for children at some of High Point’s Title 1 schools. Post-pandemic plans are under exploration of new and innovative ways for the Literary League to fulfill its mission in our community.

OUR Logo

Then And Now

Katherine “Kat” Peyton fashioned High Point Literary League’s first and long-standing logo at the League’s inception, focusing on classical elements. A woman in a goddess-like tunic held the Book of Knowledge in one hand while she lifted the Lamp of Learning aloft with the other. A laurel wreath adorned the lower portion of the seal and also symbolized knowledge and learning. The Literary League’s original logo included the date March 4, 1981, commemorating our first meeting. In later years, the date was altered to commemorate special anniversaries.

To celebrate the beginning of High Point Literary League’s 41st year, we have revised the logo to represent the exciting future of our organization. The woman reading in our new logo has been streamlined and stylized to represent the more modern and inclusive reader. Her posture and interaction with the book are intentionally more relaxed and less formal, yet still no less focused on learning and knowledge. Laurel leaves are incorporated into the “R” of LITERARY to represent the branching out and achievement in art and science today, harkening to the laurel branches of our original logo. Respectful, subtle nods to our past with great enthusiasm and promise for our future!